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At The Areola Training Academy, we strive to provide the highest quality of training for those wishing to learn the art of areola tattooing. Our mission is to provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to become the best artists they can be. We are committed to helping our students find their creative voice and develop their craft.

The Tata Foundation is charity to raise funds to cover costs of products, equipment, and time to create life-changing areola tattoos. The team of Tata foundation artists will hold a fundraiser once a year to raise awareness and funds. If you would like to donate towards The Tata Foundation please click the donate button.

Our Clients Say

Frequently asked questions

What is hyper realistic areola tattoos?

Hyper realism tattoos are tattoos created to replace the nipples lost during reconstructive surgery, we create the illusion of a 3d nipple.

How are the tattoos different from the nhs?​​

Although we are incredibly lucky to have the nhs we believe the tattoos that are offered by the nurses are substandard due to the inks not being permanent and the nurses not being trained as tattoo artists. With us offering these tattoos we can relieve the nurses from this job and offer high quality permanent tattoos meaning that after the tattoos are complete our survivor's can close the door and move on.

How much do the tattoos cost?

With the donations and the fundraisers we are doing our best to offer the treatments free of charge to our survivors.

Do the tattoos hurt?

90% of our clients have no feeling so are very comfortable during treatment however if you feel any discomfort we can use a numbing agent to keep you comfortable.

Will I only need one session?

We will schedule you in for 2 sessions 6/8 weeks apart. You may need a third session depending on if the pigment has retained well over scar tissue, your artist may offer you some scar revision if necessary.

Our work

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